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The 45th International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo

This week started with good news for the sphere of circus arts of Ukraine and for our Academy in particular.

We are glad to inform you that among the students of the Academy there are prize-winners of the 45th International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo:

The Academy student Victoria Dziuba, academic qualifications: Master, got one of the most significant prizes in the circus arts sphere – “Silver Clown” at Monte-Carlo for the second time (first in 2020). Congratulations to our graduate!

The “Bingo” Theatre (solo in the act – Mykyta Postnikov, student of the Academy, academic qualifications: Bachelor) directed by the Academy partner Iryna German, professor and director, got the “Bronze clown” prize once again.

On this occasion we congratulate other representatives of Ukraine with prize-winning places at the 45 th International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo: partners and true friends of the Academy Oleksii and Maryna Grygorovy, air gymnasts, who won “Silver clown”. All the indicated performers got the prize-winning places in the adult category program of the

The 10 th Jubilee Junior Program traditionally took place too.
Ukraine was represented with dignity and the prizes went to: Ameli Bilyk – “Monte-Carlo Golden Clown”; Sofiia Hrechko – “Bronze Clown”; Vladislava Naraieva – “Bronze Clown”. The girls are pupils of Ukrainian circus studios of the cities of Kyiv and Kharkiv.

We would like to add that “Equivokee”, the men’s comic-trio consisting of two students and a graduate of the Academy (winners of the “Bronze Clown” in 2013) became amazing and super talented participants of the festival.

The Academy is proud of every participant who worthily represented our state at such an iconic and significant competition.

Congratulations to the winners!

We are proud of all representatives of Ukraine at the 45 th International Circus Festival in Monte Carlo.

We express our special thanks to the Academy professors for the preparation of talented stars of the world circus.

In addition to the above here you can find photos of our stars while performing

by: Manu Vitali, Stephane Danna, Frederic Nebinger.

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