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Preparatory Department


 1. Foreign citizens who do not speak the state language of Ukraine, or have expressed a desire to improve their knowledge of the language of teaching and plan to further study in Ukrainian, are entered to the preparatory department for foreigners and stateless persons.

 2. Studying at the preparatory department is organized according two educational programs, named:

• language training for the study of the state language – Ukrainian;

• language and subject training of the study of the Ukrainian language and subjects in the sphere of art.

Foreigners choose a training program depending on their own needs.

 3. Studying at the preparatory department is carried out in accordance with the “Regulations on the preparatory department for foreigners and stateless persons”.

 4. The schedule of educational process, weekly planning of types of classroom and homework on academic disciplines, passing of intermediate and final control, holidays are defined in the working curriculum of the corresponding program of preparation of listeners which is concluded for each academic year and approved in accordance with the established procedure.

 5. The number of classroom hours devoted to the study of the Ukrainian language is 720 hours, which ensures language proficiency at the B1 level.

 6. The program of language and subject training defines two stages of training:

I stage – 9 weeks – study of the Ukrainian language with a maximum load of 30 hours per week. Stage II – further study of the language and parallel training in artistic disciplines. The total number of classroom hours are 1080 hours per year.

 7. The formation of groups is carried out in accordance with the arrival of foreigners. Study groups of students of the preparatory department are formed of 6-10 people, which ensures the organization of the educational process with sufficient quality of learning. The duration of the school day is 6 hours, for personal presentation of tasks is determined by 2 hours.

 8. During extracurricular activities, consultations of teachers, excursions to historical and cultural centers, visits to museums, exhibitions, theaters of the city of Kyiv are organized by the sector for work with foreigners and stateless persons.

 9. At the end of the school year there are final passing exams. Foreigners and stateless persons who have successfully passed the exams get a standard Certificate.

 10. The certificate of graduation of the preparatory department has state status and gives the right to the specified category of persons to submit documents for entrance to higher educational institutions of Ukraine within the license volume.


The cost of training at the preparatory department:

• Language training (6 months) – UAH 27,000;

• Language and subject training (10 months) – UAH 32,400.

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