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The safety of our students – is our priority!

“In dark times you can clearly see bright people”

The Kyiv Municipal Academy of Performing and Circus Arts is very grateful to the partners of the Global Alliance of Circus Schools for their time and big help to our students and Academy in general. We are pleased to announce that currently, we have three big locations where everyone who needs shelter has found it. Read more:

  1. Prague, Czech Republic – “Cirk La Putyka”. At this moment, 30 of our students and 1 teacher are there. The best conditions necessary for comfortable living and studying are provided.

  1. Budapest, Hungary – “Capital Circus of Budapest”. At the moment, more than 30 students from the Academy and two teachers there now. The Academy also helped two Kharkiv circus schools: Neposedy Studio and the Old Circus, who lost their homes and training bases. At this moment in Budapest there are about 100 students in general.

  1. Germany – three locations

Staatliche Artistenschule Berlin (http://www.artistenschule-berlin.de)
Cabuwazi (https://cabuwazi.de) Berlin
Montelino Circus und Zeltpunkt (https://www.circus-montelino.de) Potsdam

They kindly provided 60 places for our students and teachers.

The Academy is very grateful to all partners for their help and support. It is so important that during such a difficult time, our students have the opportunity to be safe, continue to study and develop their professional skills. We believe that very soon we will be able to return to normal life within the walls of our Academy, and we will continue our international collaboration in future.

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