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Closing of international locations

First of all, our Academy wanted to express gratitude and highly respect to all of our partners who were helping with opening international locations for students and teachers of Kyiv Municipal Academy of Circus and Performing Arts.

According to the final decree from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine starting from September, 1-st 2022 we are opening our Academy for offline studying. It is a good thing for all of our students who stayed in Ukraine to come back and start training and studying again, because before many of them did not have this opportunity. For the rest of the students who are abroad and do not feel safe to come back to Ukraine, we provide the online studying.

According to the latest instructions from the government our Academy is preparing to open our doors for all the students and teachers who were staying in Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Italy and we will be happy to welcome them back to Ukraine. Unfortunately, according to the circumstances, we need to stop the program abroad, but we will do everything possible to provide our students quality studying process in Ukraine.

We want to thank all the partners so much for all the urgent help and literally rescue of our students and teachers during the hardest time for our Academy. We will never forget it and will be glad to offer my assistance and help if you need us in future.

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