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«BOOM vol.1» by Cirk La Putyka, Prague (Czechia)

Students of the Kyiv Municipal Academy of Circus and Performing Arts continue to fascinate audience with their skills. Thanks to our good friends from Prague (Czechia) Cirk La Putyka this year the Academy students together with young actors «Young Bloods» of the aforesaid circus presented the show which in full volume demonstrated professionalism, variety of skills and
abilities of the participants.

The play «BOOM vol.1» attracted a full-house. By the end of the spectacle the audience celebrated the actors standing up and there were those who could not hold back the tears.
Young actors together with Rosta Novák and his team brought up an actual and sensitive subject – pain of Ukrainian people.
It is very important for young performers, especially for those who are students of higher education institutions specializing in art, to keep in shape and not to lose accumulated professional skills. This possibility to try themselves in integral performances through communication with the audience is precious, especially in such a distressing time when in thought one is at war for his/her home, native land.
Actor’s major weapon is mastery and professionalism and this is how one makes people pay attention to the problems of his/her country. And this is incredible.
Kyiv Municipal Academy of Circus and Performing Arts expresses endless gratitude to our true friends, partners, amazing performers – Cirk La Putyka and personally to Rosta Novák for the helping hand lent to us at such a difficult time we are going through.
Here you can find the link to support our students in Prague:  darujme.cz/cirkus-kyjev – the official charitable account.

The KMACPA continues its work in Ukraine, Czechia, Hungary, Germany, France, Italy and … we expect more !

We promise you!

Everything will be Ukraine!

Photo – Lukáš Bíba

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